Industrial automation and technology for process industries

We design, supply, manufacture and service automated technology installations in all branches of industry. Years of productive experience allow us to produce comprehensive technological installations that are fitted with advanced IT system solutions, ensuring performance in terms of process quality and productivity in combination with complete automation. The company offers a variety of services in the electrical, engineering, information technology and automation sectors.

Complex and sophisticated projects created by our company include electrical assembly, tube and structure welding, and the design of specialist industrial machinery. Tanks, pumps, automatic valves, mixers, reactors, compressors, operator panels as well as control and measurement devices are installed for collection and distribution. Each project and installation differ, that is why our approach is individual and adjusted to the investor’s capability.

Industrial automation

From the first day of emergence of the company in 2003, Pumpa has been designing and introducing industrial automation solutions for customers in various industries. We offer comprehensive advice, preparation and implementation of automation systems in the field of control in all branches of industry. Production automation is the first step to achieve the performance and quality successes of all modern companies’ processes. The new prospects proposed by the upcoming era of Industry 4.0 allow us to create modern solutions individually tailored to the needs of each customer.

Automatyka przemysłowa

Technology for process industries

The main benefit of fully automated technological facilities is the simplification of production processes. The greatest value of our technological projects is thoughtful solutions in every respect and engineering service at the highest level. Your expertise in the process of manufacturing and our many years of industry experience on the basis of non-standard project types will allow us to find together a model of the production facility that meets the most demanding needs. The main advantages of selecting our solution are minimizing operating costs and maximizing production capacity. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with excellent project management, ranging from conception to installation commissioning. Our projects include extensive service to all types of utilities: gas, liquid, semi-liquid and solid.

Instalacje technologiczne

IT systems

IT systems in the manufacturing sector combine broader industrial technology science with information and automation technology. Mainly monitoring and production control are the possibilities of integrating production with IT systems. Nowadays, in the era of industrial 4.0 digitalization and the burgeoning emergence of intelligent factories of the future, the usage of innovative system solutions will enable your company to compete in terms of quality and efficiency of production processes. Over the dozens of years, our company has gained experience in the fields of industrial computing, network and system management, algorithmics, software engineering and computer security.


Substantive engineering and consulting services are a strong suit for our company. The experience of each individual engineer combined with the work of a team bears excellent results pending the provision of consulting services. The key issue in the implementation of advisory services is the individual approach towards clients. Our expertise in the field of our products and continuous contact with suppliers of modern technologies allow us to create a targeted solution for customers from every branch of industry. Do you have a readiness or idea to revamp the process of your production? Speak to us! Unitedly, we will create a plan that will undeniably meet your and your plant needs.

Complex solutions

  • Project


    The main objective of our company is to professionally design each of our installations in the most creative and intelligent way. With the advantage of being one-stop, we are able to anticipate and avoid any inconveniences as an investment contractor. The diligent design eliminates hindrances on the construction site.

  • Delivery


    Our acquired background and experience in this industry has allowed us to diversify the market in terms of solution providers of all industries. We can assure you that all components recommended by our company are solutions with the best value for money. What is more, taking care of the proper delivery time is a paramount issue for us.

  • Setup


    After the well-thought-out design process, installation is the most satisfactory procedure. When everything is /in place/ finally assembled/ and everyone knows what to do – the installation time of the electrical and mechanical and technological industries of our installations is limited to the total minimum.

  • Startup


    As the installation and tightening of the last screws are finished, we initiate the start phase. Our engineers, with the assistance of your employees, jointly start the installations. At this time, we have the last opportunity to make modifications and optimize the entire production process.

  • Service

    Technical services

    Any notification of damage concerning our proprietary is accepted 24 hours a day. However, the response period depends on a multitude of factors, that is why we specify the details in the contract. Pumpa also carries out the installation service of competing companies. Got a problem or crash? Contact us!

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